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How to Instagram Tips from influencers
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Discover how to Instagram food and promote your delicious food

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for your business, generating engagement and increasing sales as your audience grows.

Many food service business have found success with Instagram. As with most social media platforms, it’s a question of learning effective ways to attract followers and sharing behind the scenes photographs or taking snaps of delicious food that customers will want to share.

We asked two of Australia’s top food influencers to share their tips on using Instagram to build a business following.

Alice Zaslavsky: Instagram @aliceinframes

Alice is the larger-than-life MasterChef contestant who left primary school teaching to spread her passion for food through writing a bestselling book Alice’s Food A-Z presenting foodie TV shows, and sharing her food-inspired thoughts and experiences via social media.

Referring to herself as a food personality and digital native – rather than an Instagram influencer – Alice’s vibrant Instagram page has an impressive 35.4k followers.

“Successful Instagram is about telling your story rather than just trying to sell products,” she says. “People want to engage with other people’s lives, so posting natural, in situ images that look like they have come from a person rather that a business, are very effective.

If you run a dairy farm, let people see photos of the cows that produce your milk. If you run a restaurant, let people meet your team.

“Mix appetising images of your food with natural shots of the creatures, people and places behind it. This keeps it interesting and gives your photos context.”

In short, Alice ’s advice is to:

  • Work out your business’s unique selling point.
  • Know how your voice is different and what you want to say.
  • 'Regram' images from customers to encourage sharing.
  • Comment on your customers photographs to show you care.
  • Post a mix of spontaneous and professionally taken photos.
  • Remember the goal is to inform, entertain and connect.
  • Use hashtags sparingly.
  • Approach your captions as ‘micro blogs ’ and tell a story. Putting as much detail in here as possible will attract new people to your posts. But remember to make it interesting.

Nathan Morelli @onthechoppingbd

Nathan Morelli is one of four South Australian food lovers who make up On The Chopping Board, a food and restaurant blog aimed at bringing readers a wealth of foodie knowledge via social media.

With 21.7k Instagram followers, Nathan, Mirko, Amanda and Taylor use a blend of smartphone and SLR photography to capture engaging images that showcase their passion for food.

“If businesses stick to what they are passionate about, and deliver best, their audience will engage best,” Nathan says. “I also think if the audience feels like they ’re part of the journey, or are learning something they didn't know previously, they are more likely to engage with the posts.”

“Some of my favourite businesses on Instagram show me behind-the-scenes work, or detail parts of the company’s story I didn't know.”

Building a solid Instagram following relies on “hard work, good honest content and lots of engagement”, according to Nathan. “We don't focus on making a photo look perfect either. It needs to look real, like something our readers would also see."

"A well-managed Instagram account can promote a business, showcase products, educate consumers and provide a line of communication for the business to engage with their audience.”

Whether you are a food distributor, health food supplier, cafe owner, restaurateur or owner of a food delivery service, Instagram can play a vital role in your success.

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With an ever-growing follower base, Instagram can be a very powerful tool for marketing in the food services industry. Building a solid Instagram following relies on hard work, good honest content and lots of engagement.


Learning effective ways to attract followers and sharing snaps of delicious food that will lure people in to spend time at your restaurant / café.


A well-managed Instagram account can help attract consumers and provide a line of communication that is quick, effective and creative.

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