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From a humble butcher shop to Australia’s favourite producer of Ham, Bacon and Smallgoods, Primo Foods has been putting smiles on faces for over 60 years.

Today we are Australia’s largest, most trusted Smallgoods supplier. Our journey has been built on quality products and a customer centric approach. JBS ownership has brought an overlay of talent, resource and vertical integration to our business.

Combined with our passion for innovation and leading edge R&D, Primo has moved beyond Australia's No. 1 Smallgoods supplier to become Primo Foods – providing quality and value-added food solutions to customers and consumers around the world.

Our Brands

Primo - Our brand Primo Primo - Our brand Beehive Primo - Our brand Hans Primo - Our brand Smokeman Brothers Primo - Our brand Roar Protein

Our Services

At Primo Foods we have dedicated teams with deep experience across QSR, Food Service and Retail channels, delivering quality and innovative food solutions for our customers and consumers.

Primo - Quick Service Restaurants Primo - Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Our teams create customised, bespoke menu items and inclusions tailored to each of our QSR customers needs. From pizza toppings to gourmet patties, ingredients to fillings, our wide range of smallgoods and protein based products will add flavour and nutrition to your menu.

Primo - Food Service Primo - Food Service

Food Service

As a manufacturer, distributor and exporter, we deliver a comprehensive range to everyone from large wholesale distributors through to high-end hotels and restaurants. Our range has been designed with Food Service in mind and will help to grow your business. We also have flexibility to modify products for your specific needs.

Primo - Retail Primo - Retail


With a strong portfolio of products led by Primo branding, we are No.1 in Smallgoods categories across Australia & New Zealand. Having been in the market for over 60 years, we know how to attract consumers and sales to your shelves. In addition to our well-known and trusted brands, we partner with and support retailer Own Brand programs too!

Quality is our Commitment

Primo Foods consistently delivers the highest quality smallgoods and value-added foods across all our brands, products and facilities, and we’re proud to operate under these prestigious certification systems.

Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems
Primo - Certification systems

Sustainability is our Responsibility

Primo - Solar

Australia’s largest single rooftop solar installation at Primo’s Wacol facility reduces grid electricity usage by 19% and will save 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 over 20 years.

Primo -  Sustainability Electric Cars

Primo Foods introduced over 30 electric hybrid cars to the sales fleet, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Primo - Sustainability Water

Primo Foods has introduced Still Water Thawing, reducing water used to thaw frozen product. The process has saved enough water to fill 87 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Primo - Sustainability Foodbank

Primo is Foodbank Australia’s largest donor of protein foods, helping to provide free meals to those in need for over ten years.

Primo - Sustainability Animal Welfare

As part of the JBS Group, we focus on animal welfare assurance across our supply chain. We are accredited under the Australian Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).

Primo - Sustainability Heavy Lifting

Primo food has introduced a robotic tray loading system to Reduce heavy lifting by team members.

As a committed member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, Primo Foods sites recycled over 3,000 MT of waste in 2019.

Primo - Sustainability Packaging

Innovative packing for Primo’s Red Range Slice Pack has removed over 170 tonnes of cardboard and 99 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill each year.

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